Do you need an API RP 4G Category III or Category IV inspection for your structure?
Each of our inspections is conducted by NP ENERGY ‘S TEAM  who specializes in designing drilling structures.

We send our team to inspect your equipment and provide you documentation of any issues

How It Works


Initial Inspection

We send a crew to inspect your equipment and provide you documentation of any issues


Final Inspection

Our crew will visit the rig after repairs are made to conduct a final inspection



After all issues are remedied, Certified Professional Engineer in the USA signs off on your equipment and a Certificate of Inspection is provided for your records



Missing nameplates?
We can analyze structures and design modifications to get your rig to meet the current API 4F design loading requirements. Veristic performs the analysis and provides any drawings, certifications, labor, and material.

How It Works


1. Survey

Our crew  come to you and perform a survey of your equipment

Analysis & Drawings

2. Analysis & Drawings

In Houston Texas USA,  our engineers perform all analysis and design work needed for you to meet current API 4F design requirements

Structural Modifications

3. Structural Modifications

Crew round the clock 24/7 can take care of the structural modifications at API Q1, 4F, 8C licensed fabrication shop

Certificate & Nameplate

4. Certificate & Nameplate

After the modifications are approved by Professional  engineer, we issue you a Certificate of Fitness and nameplates



Need more capability?
Our engineers can analyze your structure and design upgrades for you to:

Increase your Hook Load, Setback Load, or Mast Clear Height we are one stop shop




We provide solutions for any drilling structure and equipment problems. Our experienced professional engineers are ready to tackle any issues with your drilling structure and equipment.

Custom designs

Got an idea for your rig? Work with us to engineer and design custom solutions for your drilling needs.

Accident investigation

Our field-experienced engineers are adept at uncovering causes of accidents and providing solutions for corrective action.

Offshore services

Our engineers are IADC RigPass and HUET certified. They are ready to deploy to offshore derricks.

IN - HOUSE ENGINEERS for many drilling companies